We're still trying to figure out a nice way to proceed now that digital distribution's the name of the game. Don't expect any new releases for a while!

Project status:

Wreathy is over, unfortunately. Make sure you check out the latest "Phoenix" album and "Rabid" EP, available at wreathy.com

I don't know what Neutralizing Force is doing. I certainly hope he's still composing. You should hear some of the amazing shit that didn't get done in time for "Absolute Terror".

Naked Intruder went on hiatus, got lost in Chicago and became an electrical engineer, did a bunch of realtime / improv work with complex feedback networks, and recently started recording again.

Dissecting Table released dozens of new recordings in 2006-07.

The Mile 329 mailorder catalog is still active. All CD releases are still available, and new releases from Dissecting Table / UPD Organization are added as they are released.

Moving to Seattle soon, just in time for the volcano to serve notice.

- stag ejector